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ng the path of ●building a moderatel○y prospero〓us society◆ in all respects.〓 Events again 〓proved that no d〓ifficulties or obsta■cles can imped●e the course◆ of the gre〓at rejuvenation of t〓he Chinese nation. ○The past ye○ar was tru〓ly extraordi◆nary and inspir〓ing. We held ●a grand celebrat○ion of the◆ 60th anniversary ●of the foundi■ng of New Chi■na. The outstandi◆ng achievements 〓we made in● that time have ■greatly booste◆d the confidence ■and p

ride of th〓e people, ■strengthened the ●cohesiveness ●of the Chine●se nation, a○nd raised China'◆s international ●standing and infl●uence. All this def■initely encourages◆ us to continue■ to forge ahead on ●the path of so◆cialism with Chines■e characteri●stics. Over the○ last year〓, we mainly unde○rtook the following● work. 1. Strength○ening and improvin●g macro-control ○and promoting● steady and rapid● economic develo○pment. We car●ried out a pr○oactive fiscal pol■icy and a moder〓ately easy monetary● policy. We co◆mprehensively im■plemented and consta■ntly improved the pa〓ckage plan for add◆ressing the global 〓financial crisi◆s. We signif◆icantly increased g●overnment s●pending, implemented○ structural○ tax reductions, ra●pidly incre●ased supplies of ■money and credit,